Wednesday, December 3

Work at Home Possiblities - Google Quality Rater

Google is hiring again! Just as I was about to create a post on this job a few weeks ago, they took it down. So act quickly! You never know when this one will fill up. This is a great opportunity because the hours are flexible. You can log on at any time and do the work. It's entirely online and the pay is weekly.

Google hires Quality Raters to rate search queries. Basically you're looking at search terms and trying to interpret what the web searcher was trying to find. Then you rate the search results that come up based on how well they fit what the search was actually for. I tried to make that description as clear as possible. How did I do?

They require a minimum of 10 hours per week, a B.A., B.S. or equivalent and a good grasp of web use and search engines. You'll notice it says "Temporary." That means you could be employed with them for up to a year. My understanding is at that time, you're required to take a 3 month break and then you're eligible to begin working with them again.

The application process for this is quite rigorous. So much, in fact, that they offer compensation just for completing it! You will send your initial application and resume. Then if they respond to you with interest, you're invited to do a sample rating assignment that may take around five hours to complete. (That timeframe is pretty liberal.) They offer a $60 Visa gift card if you complete that assignment but do not pass based on their guidelines. If you do pass, you're invited to do a much longer assignment (possibly 10 to 15 hours) for which you are given a $175 gift card for completing and passing (in lieu of the $60 card).

As I mentioned, if this sounds like something you're interested in doing, I recommend that you apply quickly. They tend to hire in waves and you never can tell when they will stop hiring for this wave. But do check back, because they do this every few weeks. I'm so glad this one came back up, because this really is a great work-at-home job!


Anonymous said...

do you know how much the pay is if you get pass the hiring process?

susan said...

Thanks for the information! I think I'll give it a try!

Emily said...


I believe the pay is around $15 an hour. I don't know for sure if that is the pay rate this time, so I didn't include it in the original post. But I think it probably will stay the same!

Nancy said...

Hi Emily--I don't think I've ever posted on your blog before, but I started reading it because I am hoping to become a work-at-home mom after we complete our upcoming adoption. Just wondered...Have you done this google job before? It sounds neat...I just can't apply yet because we will be traveling overseas to complete the adoption and I won't have internet access the whole time I am traveling. I love reading the other ideas you have on your blog as well. Thanks! Nancy

Emily said...

Thanks for your comment Nancy! I personally have not done this job, but someone very close to me does, so I can vouch for this job being a very good one in terms of pay and flexibility! This one becomes available off and on periodically, so keep checking the link to look for the English speaking raters.