Tuesday, November 11

Making Money with the Webby Awards

For the past couple of years I've been a reviewer for the Webby Awards. This is an organization that awards honors to top websites. If you currently have your own blog or website and you're interested in entering click here. The deadline is December 19th.

This is one of those great freelance projects that I've talked about before. You sign up to review a certain amount of entries and you're paid for completing your assignment. The reviewing has just begun and there are two phases. The first part runs through December and then there is another session that runs through January. I usually get the payment sometime in early April - so this is not something you can do for quick holiday cash....well, not this year at least.

Basically you're reviewing websites based on the criteria they give you. You give the site a rating from 1 to 10 for each category and then write a brief review. These are not just technical reviews. You're talking about things that the average website viewer cares about - the content, the ease of navigation, etc. You can also choose the categories you're reviewing.

Click here to apply and for more detailed info on reviewing click here - or just ask me!

This is a great opportunity because you work at your own pace. You just log in and do a few at a time as you have time. The work just needs to be completed by the deadline - December 19th for the first session. This is an easy way to make a few hundred dollars. Happy reviewing!


Lisa said...

Hello Emily. I was excited to learn about this opportunity so I read through the information and decided to apply. If anyone else is interested in doing the Webby Awards, it would be good for them to know a few things:
-you have to list your qualifications for doing reviews
-you have to include your resume
-you have to do a sample review
All of this is part of the application process. I was a bit surprised to learn this was required. Hopefully, the time I invested will not be in vain and they'll select me to be a reviewer.

Thanks, Emily
lm underscore wms at hotmail dot com

Emily said...

Thanks Lisa! Yes - I mentioned the "qualifications" but now I realize that was probably in response to a question on another posting.

Basically what they want to know is why are you choosing the categories you're choosing. Also, the sample review is required so they can see an example of the type of work you'll be doing. Even though this isn't exactly a "job" - they're still hiring people and they want to know who they're inviting to join their workforce.

susan said...

Hi Emily -
Thanks for passing this along! I went and signed up yesterday and hopefully will receive an email in a few days stating that I was chosen!