Friday, September 26

Are most people couponers?

Andrea, from Mommy Snacks - one of my favorites! - participated in a guest post today from Keeping the Kingdom First, which is another great blog. They're talking about couponing statistics.

What do you think? I know when I go to the grocery store, it's rare that I see other people using coupons at the checkout. Sometimes if someone in line with me has an item I have a coupon for, I'll share one with them. During the "electricity extravaganza" last week (or fiasco, as my mom would probably say), I gave a man at Biggs' $6 worth of Energizer battery coupons. He didn't have any and that's typically what I see in the store.


Andrea said...

Thanks for the linky luv, Emily!!!

That first survey I found couldn't have been accurate that's why I found the other which is more believable IMO. I really just thought it was interesting to see some of the data both studies presented.

You're a nice couponer with sharing - that's some good coupon karma :-)

Jennifer said...

I rarely see other people using coupons when I go to stores. Yesterday I saw a woman using 1 $1 coupon for her over $120 order. I was proud of her.

Jamie said...

I don't see a whole lot of people using coupons. I'm more likely to see it at CVS than, say, Kroger or Meijer. But I do often get comments about my use of coupons.

Tara aka "Mama Koala" said...

I generally feel alone in my couponing, but occassionally run into another CVSer, or spot a coupon binder in the basket next to me:-)