Monday, September 29

Money Making Monday - Mystery Shopping

Want to earn some free meals, merchandise or a little cash? Be a mystery shopper! Mystery shoppers are paid (in cash or product) for evaluating service or products for different companies. The compensation is not huge - this is definitely not something you can make a living with - but it is a fun way to get some freebies.

One of my favorite companies is National Shopping Service. I've done lots of Papa Johns mystery shops for them. Basically, I order the pizza they specify (usually several choices), then I get online and fill out a survey about the order process, take some pictures of the pizza when it arrives, and tell them about the delivery driver (appearance, friendliness, etc.) They send me a check for the total cost of the pizza (including tip and delivery) at the end of the month.

Companies all over the country use mystery shoppers! If you have a favorite restaurant, for example, ask the manager about this the next time you're in. Some others I've worked with include Nationwide Service Group and Bestmark.

Do you shop for a different company? Care to share the info? Leave a comment and help others who are looking for opportunities like this!


Amy Kauffman said...

HI Em!

Some other companies...

ShopNChek (lots of shops, not huge pay, but they do the circus and other fun ones)

Checkmark (based in Cincy Montgomery Inn Ribs :)

Service Research Corp (They are based here in Lincoln, NE, so I do a lot with them, but I'm not sure what they have going on in the rest of the country)

Beyond Hello (particularily for prescription eyeglasses)

BAI (oil changes)

Certified Reports (movie trailer checks - usually quicka dn easy money)

Maritz Research (Gas station audits and pharmacy shops in my area)

Franchise Compliance INC (professional carpet cleaning)

Service INtelligence (one of my favorites - easy forms to fill out - little hassle)

I love Bestmark too! Especially the circle shops and BBQ!

Emily said...

Thanks Amy - I am going to have to check out some of these new ones!