Thursday, September 11


Thank you for visiting my blog! We are a young family with 2 children, ages 4 and 1. My blog's title, "Violet's College Fund" , is inspired by a goal of my husband, Serge, and I - that we are able to become secure financially and give our kids a head start in life. Like many young couples, we've struggled with our finances - particularly when I became a stay-at-home mom in 2007.

Knowing that our budget was about to get even tighter, I considered it my job to find ways to save my family money and make money as well. I was able to find an actual job working from home part-time and along the way I learned a lot about the process of finding work at home - something I know many, many parents want to find but don't know how. I also learned about ways to save some money. I love finding a good deal and when I score something great, I like to spread the word.

So here you'll find many things. Partly I've created this blog to document our journey to solidifying our finances. I also want to teach other people how they can find a real job they can do at home by sharing what I've learned. Maybe I can help others navigate through that unfamiliar (and scary) territory. I'll be posting great deals at grocery, drug and discount stores so you can learn to cut some money from your budget and put it towards other things. Since I have 2 k ids of my own and we're always looking for fun stuff to do, I'm sure there will be some things there for them as well!


Andrea said...

I'll definitely be checking back here for more work at home tips! I do think some of those sites are scams but now that I've found someone who's done the research, I'm excited to look into them!!