Thursday, September 18

Taylortown Preview

The Taylortown Preview is up for the week. This is a site that shows the coupon inserts that are going to be in the upcoming paper each week. We don't always get all of them, but it's usually pretty accurate.

The key to couponing is to actually have coupons, so aside from internet printables and other sources, the Sunday paper is a great place to start. You can check out on the right of my page for lots of great printables.

I use this preview to determine how many newspapers to buy. I'm not seeing anything too exciting this week, so I will probably just buy one or two papers. If there's just a coupon or two in a given week that really looks good, I can always buy them on ebay.

Buying coupons outright is not a legal practice, per the wording on the coupons, but many sellers put their coupons on ebay and what you're actually paying for is the time and effort for them to get the coupons and send them to you. It can often be worth it. The most recent coupons I bought were 20 .50/1 Cottonnelle coupons for $1.49. Since Kroger has 4-packs at .99 for their everyday price, I got 20 free 4-packs for the $1.49 I paid for the coupons! I'd say that's a good deal!