Wednesday, September 17

Miles of Marketing

In my quest to look for different streams of income - which is key to really making a sustainable income when doing part-time work at home - I found Miles of Marketing, about a year ago. I've done a few campaigns for them and they're a really great company!

I've asked the owner of Miles of Marketing, Liza Lowenberg, to give you an idea of what exactly a Miles of Marketing Representative does:

Earn cash while you drive, run errands, host play dates or even enjoy lunch with friends. At last, you can get paid for being a Mom.

All stay-at-home and work-at-home moms are eligible to be a part of this new mom-based business.

The company's goal is to employ stay-at-home and work-at-home moms to advertise to the same demographic. We come in contact with different people through playgroups, classes, restaurants, schools and businesses. Our exposure is vast.

Because we are so consumed with our children and their activities and pop culture, it is hard for us moms to be "in the know." M.O.M.'s goal is to change that.

Every typical campaign runs for 2 weeks and pays $100.

Responsibilities include:
1. Driving around with a 14x14 magnet on your car advertising the product
2. Handing out marketing materials that a client provides
3. Spreading the word about the product to moms, playgroups, etc.
4. Posting chatter on 2-5 online message boards
5. Sending a final report, at least 2 pictures of your car with the magnet on it and actual copies of the online posting.

Upon signing up, you will be entered into our database. The client chooses which markets they’d like to use and how many reps they like to market the product. We strive to have all mom reps working all the time, but this is not a full time position.

Please go to for more information. If you’d like to sign up, please follow the instructions on the "make me a mom rep" page.

This is 100% legitimate. We've had current press releases in Brand Week magazine and The Hollywood Reporter and you can see an interview with owner Liza Lowenberg that was on ABC News on the home page of

As I mentioned, I've done a few campaigns for Miles of Marketing. (Above is one of my photos from a campaign a few months ago.) It's truly an ingenious way to market products! Who better than moms to know what other moms like and get the word out? We talk to so many people in an average day! Why not make money while you do the things you do anyway?

If you have additional questions about them, please feel free to ask. Thanks again to Liza from Miles of Marketing!


Candice said...

Hi, I was curious about the Marketing thing... it says you have to send them a copy of your drivers liscence and your car regisration. I'm just curious, what made you feel 100% satified that they weren't going to "for lack of a better word..." screw you over?

Emily said...

Candice - totally fair question. To begin, I believe when we sent those forms in she told us to feel free to mark out private information like our SSN. Honestly, MOM was a pretty new organization when I started with her, but she came recommended by the girls at That's why I always recommend checking on there. That's a large group of people who have all kinds of WAH experience - they've tried everything. So you can be pretty confident when they tell you something is legit that it is. There is lots of info there about which programs/companies are scams, so out of all those people, someone would come forward and let you know if something that was being promoted was a bad idea!