Monday, October 6

Catch Me at Money Saving Mom!

I'm hanging out over on Money Saving Mom today - doing a guest post on how to get started working at home. It's a little more in-depth than what you've seen on here.

I know so many people who just want to stay home with their kids. Or money is getting tight and they just need to find a way to bring in a little extra. Working at home can seem a little confusing and mysterious, but it's ideal for many people. I worked so hard to find a way to work at home so I could be a stay-at-home mom and still have an income. If I help one person by sharing what I've learned, then I've really accomplished something great.

If this interests you, keep coming back! I'm always uncovering and examining new ways to work at home, make extra money and save a little in the meantime.


Mel said...

Way to go Emily! I am loving the blog!

Anonymous said...

Hello Emily! Thanks so much for the post on moneysavingmom. I am also a SAHM and a SAHMT (stay-at-home medical transcriptionist) :) I am in independent contractor and I have been getting work from the same woman for almost 4 years (since my first son was 4 months), but she is losing all of her contracts and I feel like I am starting over from scratch. :( Who do you work for and are they in need of more people? I could send you my very updated resume! :) Thanks so much for any info at all.
Jessica (jsings115 @ yahoo . com)

Anonymous said...

Hello! I saw your post on money saving mom about working from home. I've been searching for several months, I've been scammed once so I'm hesitant but I really need to make some extra money. I was going to put my resume on guru or elance but I had heard from someone that it's hard to get work on there, I was wondering if you knew anything about them?

Emily said...

Thank you for your comments! Jessica, I sent you an email with a little bit of info.

Anonymous, I do recommend Guru and Elance - that's where I found my first job - but I don't think it's the easiest way to go. It should be part of your process, but not the main part. I would strongly suggest you go to the Telecommuting Moms messageboard on and just scan through the threads. There are so many companies listed there, including a sticky post at the top with a large list of companies who hire people to work at home. Be sure to check out my post below on spotting scams. Good luck!