Monday, October 20

Making Money - What I've Been Doing

I decided it might be helpful to post the things that I actually do to make money. I've been giving ideas on ways for you to make extra money doing side jobs and different projects. I want to tell you what I did to earn some money last week.

  • Market Research - I did a research study for P&G Consumer Village this week which paid $35. It was about laundry booster. They paid me to go in, look at the product, fill out a short questionnaire and answer 3 questions. It was less than 10 minutes! Check out more information and opportunities to participate in market research here.
  • Transcription - I did almost 4 audio hours of work this week, which translates to about $250 to $275. (I haven't calculated it exactly yet.) Learn more about how to get started with transcription here.
  • Grocery Shopping - While I technically did earn a little money on the things I purchased this week, I made a ton in grocery savings. I saved about $200 by using coupons and shopping based on sales this week at Kroger, Meijer and CVS.
  • Side Project - My husband and I helped one of his family members do a project that involved putting about 30 large stickers on a poster - we did 100 of them. It took about 8 hours for both of us to complete and paid $200. If you're on the lookout, odd jobs like this may show up from time to time and while they seem a little tedious (this was not a fun way to spend the evening) you can earn a nice chunk of change.


Bridget said...

Love your blog! I check it regularly for WAH ideas and general frugal tips. Keep up the great work and thanks so much for sharing and being real!

Lorrie said...

I remember when I was doing trascription, 4 hours of audio may not seem like a lot, but it can take a very long time if the person dictating is hard to understand. I would love to find a way to get back into it from home.

Christian Frugal Mama said...

Thanks for the tips. I am slowly, but surely trying to get into some things. It's hard to get started and find something that's worth it!