Thursday, October 30

Start Couponing Today - part 3

Let's talk about places to get really good coupons. The easiest way to get coupons is to buy multiple copies of your local newspaper on Sunday which typically has a few inserts in it. The first week of the month is typically the best because it also includes the P&G insert. You can get a preview of the coming week's coupons here. I usually get 2-4 papers a week unless it's a really good week. Some weeks I will even get 10 if the coupons are really, really great.

This is my coupon binder:

Other places to get coupons:

  • Ebay. You can purchase coupons on Ebay, although you're technically not purchasing the actual coupons. You're paying for a person's time and effort to cut, sort and send you the coupons. If there's a really great coupon out there for an item you want to stockpile, check ebay. You can often get 10 to 20 coupons for less than $2. If you're looking for coupons for the current week's sales, use the Buy It Now feature to be sure you get them in time!

  • Online Coupon Sites. Some of the best coupons are found online. You can use the widget to the right or you can check out

  • Company Websites. Check out the websites of your favorite foods or products for printable coupons or sign up for their newsletters. If you e-mail companies about their products, they will often send you coupons in the mail. Check out RedPlum, Right at Home, Pillsbury and P&G Everyday Solutions.

  • Vocalpoint. Today in the mail from Vocalpoint I got a Venus razor and five $4 off coupons. That's pretty fantastic! I get nice little packages from them on a weekly basis and they usually include a product or sample or high value coupons - or both! Sign up for this and participate in the surveys or discussions.

  • Shopper Card Coupons. You can load coupons directly onto your shopper cards that will come off on top of your manufacturers coupons. Click on the UPromise link on the right and visit Shortcuts and P&G eSaver.

Since I've become a couponer, I'm on the lookout everywhere for coupons. I pull them from the blinkies at Kroger, I check in fliers at the pharmacy and the meat counters and I pay close attention to packaging. Often when the coupon matchups are done for weekly deals, any printables are included there. If I don't have a coupon in hand for a product I have to buy, I Google it. It's hard for me to buy things without a coupon anymore!


Lorrie Briggs said...

I would love to have a coupon binder like you have. Have you already done a post on how to put one together? Right now I have my coupons in envelopes and filed in a plastic container like Crystal has. It is not the easiest thing to take into the store.
I also got the razor in the mail yesterdy. It is so pathetic that I was excited about a razor. They are one of my favorite freebies.

Emily said...

I've actually planned a post on how to organize them for early next week. And I was pretty excited to get that razor too - it's one thing we constantly go through at our house!

Anonymous said...

where do you get your baseball card holders for your coupon notebook?

Emily said...

Jessie - I typically get mine at Walmart for around $5. I think it's a pack of 35 pages. They're located near the front of my local store in the checkout section, but you can also find them with the baseball and Pokemon cards.

Jessie Francis said...

great, thanks for the help!